Transport Mikko Korhonen Ltd.

Transport Mikko Korhonen Ltd. provides reliable and efficient, high-quality semi-trailer hauling in continental Europe. Our services are based on over 20 years’ experience on European roads. We operate through all the major ports of Northern Germany. 


The hauling equipment

Transport Korhosen vetokalusto

The hauling equipment consists of 40 two-axle trucks suitable for hauling of both mega and normal sized semi-trailers. The modern equipment meets the latest European emission standards. All our trucks are equipped with ADR kits and the staff has been trained for the transport of hazardous materials (ADR certificates).


Reliable transportation

Transport Korhonen tarjoaa luotettavaa kuljetusta

The trucks are equipped with GPS-based tracking systems, which enable real-time monitoring of the speed, direction, and location of the transported goods. All the loads and trailers that are in use are insured.



Ota yhteyttä Transport Korhoseen

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